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For Children Aged 7 - 12 Years Old


3 kids painting

Now Only $28! (u.p $65.00)

Image by Geordanna Cordero
Uncover The Hidden Artist In Your Child!
3 Rafayet Studio students showcasing their work

Should Your Child Be Pursuing Art in School as a Subject, or CCA or Simply a Hobby?

Ever noticed that your child has been displaying an interest in art such as loving to draw, colour or paint?

He / She may have a hidden talent in art and could be pursuing it not just as a hobby, but also as an examinable subject in school. In fact, it could well become his/her career in the future!

Whatever the future may hold, as parents, we will want to give the best chance for our children to succeed, and early identification in their interest and talent in Art would be critical in helping them develop their love, understanding and skill in Art!

Why Your Child Should Attend The Painting Trial Class:

This class is a 2-Hour session designed to uncover your child's interest and inclination in drawing and painting.

Ms Nurrul Shaik Profile Image

Led by Teacher Nurrul Shaik, a graduate in Bachelors of Contemporary Arts, Diploma in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, and an Art Teacher in Singapore Schools for more than 10 years, your child will be guided to create his/her own artistic work on canvas.

At the end of the 2-Hour session, Teacher Nurrul will provide her professional assessment of your child's artistic inclinations. This invaluable assessment will enable you to decide on the potential direction your child may explore in Art as a serious hobby or even as an examinable subject in school!


Want to use Art as a Direct School Admission (DSA) for Secondary or Junior College? Teacher Nurrul will lend her advice too!

The serious stuff aside, this class will be held in a fun and friendly guided setting, so your child will not feel pressured and will have an enjoyable session, even if he/she has no experience in art.

Collage of Painting Class at Rafayet Studio

What's Included:

  • Drawing and Painting Materials

  • Blank Canvas

  • 2-Hour Guidance by Teacher Nurrul

  • Professional Assessment and Art Journey Plan for Child


  • Free Basic Digital Art Portfolio for Your Child (Worth $75.00!)

Now ONLY $28 $65.00

Enroll Your Child In The 2-Hour Painting Trial Class


Bukit Timah shopping centre #02-40 S588179

Time Slots: 

Fri - 2pm to 4pm | 4pm to 6pm

Sat/Sun - 10am to 12pm | 12pm to 2pm | 2pm to 4pm 

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